How Can I Get Motivated To Workout

You may ask “how can I get motivated to workout?” Well that’s a good question and the honest answer is… It’s all down to you!

Everyone has their own thing that will get them up off their ass and get that sweat rolling down their brow. You just have to find out what yours is. Some people find pictures of bodies, also known in the Twitter world as “Fitsporation” or “Fitspo” for short, help motivate them to do their workout. Some people are very goal orientated. They find reaching that certain weight, or performing a certain move is a great source of motivation for them.

But what if that doesn’t work for you? Let’s break it down a little further and see if you can find some that will work for you.

So what sources of motivation are there? Well you have:

  • Visual – Pictures, videos etc.
  • Goals – Lifting certain weights, reaching weight lose milestones
  • Event Specific – Could be to look great for a holiday or your wedding
  • Mental – You just feel great when you workout
  • Personal – Could be your own personal reasons to why you want to change

To really find something that will work for you, thing about these 5 things and see if there is anything there that will spur you to get out of bed in the morning and get that sweat glistening off your body.

Your motivation could be to get that elusive 6 pack so you can feel comfortable to take your shirt off at the beach or on holiday and know that you are turning heads. Or it could be to compete in a fitness competition. Or is may well be as simple as just to get attention from the dudettes. Find what works for you and go with it!

Your motivation could be to lose that pooch that always seems to be there when you put your favourite pair of jeans on. Or to finally ditch that one piece bathing suit and go for that string bikini you’ve been dying to wear. Or it maybe be just to have that small piece of chocolate every week as a celebration for killing it in all your workouts.

Experiment… Explore… Find out what will get your blood pumping to do your workout for the day. Once you find it, let me know below. Maybe you could help someone else find theirs…

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