Homemade Sand Bag

Hey, what’s up guys.Time to make a homemade sand bag!

Have you ever thought about Sand bag training? These are much better than dumbbells or barbells as the weight moves around in the bag which means you’ll be recruiting more muscle fibers to keep the weight steady. This means you’ll get a better workout! Now you can buy “Power Bags” or “Bulgarian Bags” online, but they’re pretty expensive. You can quite easily create your own homemade sand bag for a fraction of the cost. So shall we begin?

What You’re Going To Need…

Homemade Sand Bag

  • Gravel/Pebbles/Sand/Something that will give your bags some weight
  • Rubble Sacks which can be purchased from any local DIY store
  • Some Sand Bags. I got mine here from Amazon
  • A holdall of some kind with handles (Optional!). Again, I got mine here from Amazon
  • Some some cable ties
  • A set of scales
  • Scissors

I brought a proper sand bag for mine which was the most expensive part at £40, otherwise the whole thing would have cost me less than £15. If you can afford it, I’d recommend buying it. I can fit 30kg in this bag and it’s very very durable. If not, you can use the bags loose or just use a regular back pack. The choice is yours!

Step 1: Lining the sand bags with the rubble sacks

You’ll want to line the sand bag with two rubble sacks. I used two just back I was using gravel which has some sharp edges and the last thing I wanted was gravel to fall out mid-workout. The rubble sacks are nice and thick so there shouldn’t be any issue with them tearing, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Step 2: Filling the bags with your desired material

For this you’ll most probably need a second pair of hands. I struggled a little trying to do it by myself so I recruited my brother to be the designated “Keep the bag open guy” so everything actually went IN the bags. As you’re filling the bags up, pop them onto the scales so you know how heavy the bags are. I went with 5 or 10kg bags seeing as I was putting them inside a bag later on, I could adjust the weight by 5kgs as and when I needed.

Step 3: Cable tie the rubble sack(s)

Once you’ve filled the bag to the desired weight you’re going to want to cable tie it shut so nothing falls out. You’re going to want to leave a little air inside the bag so the gravel, or whatever material you’re using, inside the bag can move around a little. We want a little movement inside the bag. You don’t want too much air inside the bag because it’ll take up too much space if you decide to put in into a bigger bag.

Just my 2 cents. I learned that one the hard way!

Step 4: Cable tie the sand bag

Now repeat what we did to the rubble sacks with the sand bag. Make sure the cable tie is on nice and tight!

Step 5: Cut the cable tie as low as possible

When you cut the cable tie try to make sure there are no sharp edges. This is important because if you decide to use the sand bag in this state to train with you don’t want to go cutting your hands up on a sharp cable tie. Also, if you decide to put several of them inside an other bag they won’t tear each other to shreds.

Step 6: Repeat steps 1 to 5 if you want more than one bag

Now repeat steps 1 to 5 if you want more than one bag. I managed to make 3 x 10kg bags and 2 x 5kg bags with the materials I purchased. I managed to make these for under £15. I’d write down the weights on the bags as you make them so it’s easier to tell which bag is which weight.

Step 7: Place the sand bags into a bigger back or backpack

If you bought the same back as I have from Amazon you should be able to fit 25-30kgs in there which is a great weight to play around with for your exercise routines. If you managed to create the same bags as I did in the previous step you could have 25kg in a big bag and a 10kg and 5kg sand bag free. This should give you a nice variety of weights to choose from as you’re doing your workouts.

Step 8: You’re good to go!

Now enjoy your workouts!

If you have any comments up them in the space below.

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