Hi, my name is Luke and I am the founder of ThatFitnessDude.com.

So A Little About Me…

I’m from Hampshire in the UK and I am a qualified CYQ Instructor. I enjoy my fitness training a lot, doing a variety of different activities,usually exercising 4-5 times a week, for roughly an hour at a time. The activities I like to pursue are mainly calisthenics, outdoor fitness classes – love working out outside no matter the weather, I do enjoy the fresh air, and Argentine Tango.

I occasionally go to the gym, but prefer training outside and doing calisthenics style workouts (bodyweight exercises). Personally, I find it more enjoyable doing this than going to the gym lifting weights. The reason I prefer doing this type of training is because you can train anywhere, at any time (aren’t restricted to gym opening hours), need very little equipment – or no equipment at all – and your workouts are shorter as you aren’t wasting your time setting up machines or loading weight plates onto barbells. I still do go to the gym for odd session, but calisthenics style workouts are my preferred choice, and hopefully you’ll find something that suits you too.

I am a part of an Argentine Tango dance company and have taken part in a few shows with my dance partner. I have been doing Argentine Tango since February 2011 and find it an excellent way of keeping in shape. Any of you who go to dance classes or dance style fitness classes will know what I mean!

Other activities I like to do are cycling, cross country races (love the ones with obstacles and ones that get you all muddy!) and most recently, skydiving. I recently took part in a tandem skydive for charity and I loved it so much I am now looking into becoming a qualified skydiver so I can jump solo.

If you haven’t been before, I totally recommend doing it. It’s the most amazing feeling ever!


So Why Have I Made This Site?

Well like you, we all want to look our best! We I first started looking for information on how to build muscle or burn fat I found a lot of useless information, people trying to sell me crappy products and basically an overload of information. I didn’t know where to start! Thankfully during my YMCA Instructor training, I learnt a lot of useful information and what sorts of things are just hogswash.

My aim is to provide good people, such as yourself, with useful information whilst cutting out all the fluff you see in this industry. I hope to give you all the necessary information you need to meet your goals, whether it’s to build 10lbs of lean muscle or to lose those last few pounds so you can see your six pack or fit into those pair of jeans you’ve been wanting wear.

My friend and I after finishing a 12km cross country race. We finished 117th and 119th out of over 1000 people!

Together we can achieve your dream of having the body you’ve always wanted!